About Us

Get Ready For A Truly Royal Experience on your visit to Khan Saab.  Bon Voyage!!

Our Story

Khan Saab or the royal guest is a tribute to the rich cuisine that was normally served in the Durbar of the emperors of the north west frontier which influenced the Mughal cuisine to a great extent as well.

The Resturant boasts of very ethnic Indian food, traditional and some even recereated and presented in their original form. This could very well be considered the USP of the restaurant. The menu is carefully crafted and a wide array of delectable spread which covers a great span from afghan to the Deccan, succulent kebabs from the region of Samarkand to the Lucknowi kakori and chingari murgh from Punjab could very well be considered the star delicacies on the menu.

Hand-crafted Decor

In total 650m² mix of styles and colors.

Cozy Place

Feel at home and find your atmosphere.

Relax Atmosphere

Take refuge in our greenery and away from the crowds.